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A Beginner's Guide to HTML Part One

The basis of ninety-nine percent of websites is HTML which stands for HyperText MarkUp Language. If you are scared of programming (join the club!) then don't worry...
Written 20th December 2015


A Beginner's Guide to HTML Part Two

Most web pages can be thought up as a series of boxes. Look at any website and try to visualise a series of boxes – one for the header, one for the navigation...
Written 11th December 2015


Creativity and Productivity: A Winning Team

Being creative is a challenging task sometimes, especially when you have a tight deadline or face other distractions. Here are some tips I have learned to hopefully be more creative and productive...
Written 5th December 2015


The Web Design Process in a Nutshell

Web Design is a simple yet complex beast, easy to learn but impossible to master. Somewhat like riding a bike, any form of creative design can take years to really master...
Written 1st December 2015


Ten Principles of Web Design

This is by no means a be-all and end-all Guru's guide to every aspect of web design. However hopefully this article can provide some key pointers for good design...
Written 24th November 2015


A Beginner's Guide to CSS Part One

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It controls the look and feel of a website. The colours, the fonts, the placements, the visual styles you use, how boxes on your website fit together visually...
Written 18th November 2015